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When you perform a query on search engine like Google you get hundreds maybe even thousands of pages of results. But which results do you click on? The ones that are on the first page. The statistics show that 90% of users never navigate beyond the first page of Google! What it means for your business is that you need to catch the sweetspot of Google’s first page to get noticed. The process of getting your content on top of search results is search engine optimization – SEO.

Adapt or die

Unfortunately SEO isn’t easy. Google want’s to provide its user the best user experience and most relevant search results. That’s why Google is changing its algorithms more than once a day to improve the ranking factors for best possible quality. To keep up with Google you need more than adjusting your SEO techniques to every update. You need a strategy that is meant for long-term results never mind the Google updates. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be the wizard, we are!

Outrun your competitors with new concept – AdaptiveSEO™

WSI has developed a new concept, a way of thinking that is Google changes proof. The technique is called AdaptiveSEO™ aka ASEO. It refers to web presence optimization rather than search engine optimization. The focus is on long-term results that are achieved by following bulletproof methods like quality content and customer value.

WSI Adaptive SEO

AdaptiveSEO™ is not about optimizing keywords but figuring out how the target market perceives your business and how that perception may occur in the search. In other words, ASEO makes your business visible in the right place at the right time!

Luckily you don’t have to worry about the complicated techniques behind SEO, as we are here to help. We analyse the data and set up a 5 staged strategy from base ground of technical SEO adjustment to measuring and improving the results.

Boost your website traffic, increase brand awareness and get more leads by AdaptiveSEO™! Contact our expert now to get a personal SEO plan!

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